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When Wang Quanhong was 7 years old, he witnessed a fire in his hometown. The cause of the fire was bare wires and insufficient protection, which caused a short circuit and spontaneous ignition of the wires. In addition, people generally lacked the knowledge and ability to put out fires at that time, and the fire became bigger and bigger. After the power supply was cut off, the fire could no longer be controlled. Although firefighters tried their best to rescue the fire, the fire was finally brought under control, but it caused indelible injuries to the affected families and also caused a lot of property losses. The young Wang Quanhong looked at the shocked eyes of the disaster-stricken owner, the cry of the old and the children, and the sympathy and regretful sighs of the villagers. All of these made Wang Quanhong's young heart deeply pierced, and for the first time truly I feel that electricity is really like a tiger. Without a safety fence, it will endanger our lives and property. At this moment, Wang Quanhong is determined to change everything.


In 2000, Wang Quanhong, who walked out of campus and entered the society for the first time, had his first career in the hotel service industry. At the job training meeting on the first day of employment, he said the service tenet: "Anxious for what customers want, what customers think." , Later became Wang Quanhong’s motto, which has always been implemented in his work. I remember that at the end of 2002, SARS broke out. A Japanese guest was unable to book domestic flights because his father was critically ill, and Hong Kong was unable to get through because of retreat. In desperation, he found Wang Quanhong. After understanding the situation, Wang Quanhong immediately activated the Golden Key International Organization, and dispatched a helicopter from Hong Kong as quickly as possible after coordination by all parties, and finally sent the guests to the Hong Kong Airport safely. All this is just for the guests to do their best. After the guests returned home, they sent an email to praise Wang Quanhong for his high quality and sincere service, which greatly inspired Wang Quanhong.



In 2003, Wang Quanhong became a salesman in the “wire and cable protection” industry, taking the building materials market as the first breakthrough, with sincere enthusiasm and innate affinity, and always uphold the principle of “my life is based on The tenet of "service for the purpose" is anxious for what customers want and what customers think. In this way, Wang Quanhong's orders came in one after another, and it took less than a year to create a miracle with a performance of over one million peers. Through three years of hard work, Wang Quanhong questioned the integrity, service, safety, and quality of the entire industry, and slowly emerged the Chinese dream of building industry benchmarks.


In 2007, Shenzhen Yicheng Electric's business department was established; in 2010, Shenzhen Yichengfa Technology Co., Ltd. was established; in 2011, it quickly grew into a large-scale factory integrating scientific research, design, production and distribution. This transformation is the future The development of the company has laid a solid foundation; in 2012, Yichengfa introduced a fully automatic production line. Because it is a set of brand-new equipment, it has higher requirements for engineers, and the manufacturer’s technical support is not very good. Complete. After the first batch of products were put into production and sold, they soon received feedback from users, complaining about the quality of the products! Wang Quanhong realized the importance of this matter for the first time. Quality is the life of an enterprise! So Wang Quanhong immediately called an emergency meeting, immediately contacted all cooperative customers, sincerely apologized to each customer and returned the goods unconditionally regardless of cost. At the same time, he led the technical team to inspect and inspect the equipment, raw materials, and finished product areas of the whole plant, and finally found that there were more than 1,000 hot-dip galvanized line pipes with solder joints and cuts, and the accuracy did not meet the requirements. Although it does not affect its function, Wang Quanhong decided not to sell it and treat it as a waste product. It is this attitude of excellence that has achieved today's high quality and high performance. Wang Quanhong knows that quality is fundamental, and once this barrier is grasped, it is fundamentally established.


Wang Quanhong has been diligent and diligent in the industry of "retaining wire and cable" for nearly 20 years. As the so-called ten years of sharpening a sword, not taking a shortcut is the fastest shortcut. This is the craftsmanship spirit, and it is also common to us as Yichengfa. The goal: to build an industry benchmark, set an example, and promote social uprightness.


In 2020, this extraordinary year, Wang Quanhong can still stick to his original intention, develop steadily, and break through the bottleneck, and establish Guangdong Yichengfa Technology Group Co., Ltd. In the future, the group will implement a diversified development strategy. If you want to last forever in your career, you must be determined before you start, and we have never changed the principle of taking care of every employee of Yichengfa Group for a long time. As the people of Yicheng, we are based on morality and treat others with sincerity. We must continue to be upright and down-to-earth to fulfill our consistent principle: Our life is to serve the purpose, to achieve ourselves, and to give back to the society!

Company Profile

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Yichengfa is a technology-based group enterprise integrating scientific research, design, production, sales and installation. The group operates four sub-brands: Yichengfa, Yifuteng, Octopus, and Yifuxing. The group has Four large factories, the factory has advanced automated production equipment, mature production team, exquisite workmanship, guaranteed delivery time, and reliable quality. It has nearly 30 directly-operated or cooperatively operated stores, basically covering all cities in Guangdong Province, and has subsidiaries in Hainan, Guangxi, Hunan and other places. In December 2020, the head office established another company to produce And the sales of electrical equipment companies, specializing in providing solutions and post-services for all types of electrical sets of buildings.


Through years of dedicated operation, the group has obtained the "Quality, Reputation, and Brand" certification. The company has passed IOS9001 international quality management system certification, AAA-level credit rating certification, and was certified as a high-tech enterprise in Shenzhen in 2019 (No. SZ2014187), and was recognized as a recommended product and designated manufacturer by the China Engineering Construction Association. Through the unremitting efforts of technicians, we have a number of new technology patents.



Yicheng people adhere to the corporate culture of "enterprising, truth-seeking, rigorous, unity" and the business philosophy of "customer first, honesty, service first, and common development", and constantly innovate, take technology as the core and create high Quality management team, perfect production and sales system, and pragmatic after-sales service. Yichengfa Group, through continuous improvement of service quality and product cost-effectiveness, will work hand in hand with you to build a harmonious and beautiful partnership with a firm footstep and a rigorous industry attitude!


In 2021, the group will implement a diversified development strategy. In addition to steadily increasing the original industrial scale, the group will also establish a professional electromechanical engineering company and a technology company with intelligent IoT as the core. 2021 will be a crucial year for the development of the group. All Yicheng people will unite and work together with you.

Guangdong Yichengfa Technology Group Co., Ltd.

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